Beach Capital Group has shifted focus with their business model when the Pandemic affected the World and has been partnering with numerous Private Sellers, resellers, Global 3M Distributors, Government entities, factories, and brokers Worldwide to procure various PPE products with vetted title holders and allocation holders.

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We have facilitated many deals throughout the Pandemic and have built the trust of many sellers and buyers alike that what we say is what it is. We believe in 100% transparency. It is the only way deals get done. All negotiations are done in advance with room for further negotiations. There will be no massive inflation of prices for broker commissions that has made prices extremely high in the market.

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Depending on your requirement, we will match you with the RIGHT seller for your needs. Each seller will have their own SOP. Some are easier to work with and some have a more rigorous SOP due to the level of fraud being committed by potential buyers. TRUST THE PROCESS. Some sellers will deviate from their SOP but some will not. The typical SOP always starts with an NCNDA from the Buyer down to Beach Capital Group, an ICPO, and LOI. Some require an LOA from an attorney attesting that the buyer has the financial capacity to procure and some do not.

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Nitrile Gloves & PPE products

If you are looking for a specific item or looking to place a large order, please contact us through the button below. We are excited to work with you.


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